Invented in America. Made in America.*

AMPCO Mergers and Divestitures. Evolution of the company logo.
August Littman proudly proclaimed the AMPCO aluminum bronze alloy as “the metal without equal.” This has proven itself to be true for more than 100 years. In hand tools, pumps and valves AMPCO has been ever present and doggedly successful with unique chemical and mechanical properties that make our alloys non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. We look forward to the next 100 years!
Although the AMPCO logo has changed through the years the diamond shape, without exception has been deeply associated with the American Metal Products Company. Even when the logo morphed to a single A, surrounded by the circle, representing publicly traded AMPCO-Pittsburgh, AMPCO was central to our identity – American Metal Products.
AMPCO Catalog covers 1930 to 2022
As early as 1930, a printed catalog has been an important part of the AMPCO story. Long before the internet, diagrams, pictures and technical specifications made it possible for engineers and safety professionals to buy a safety tool they could trust. Not only is AMPCO The Original Manufacturer of Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Hand Tools®, but we were then and continue to be…The Most Trusted Name in Non-Sparking Hand Tools®. Invented in America. Made in America!

*AMPCO Safety Tools products are Made in the USA except as otherwise noted.